AMAZONIA: 360-degree-Panorama at Hanover Zoo

This panorama showcases the unique world of the Amazon rainforest in all its fragile beauty and complexity. With AMAZONIA, Yadegar Asisi has created an artistic space that consolidates the various geological formations of the tropics, highlighting their magnificent diversity. The cylindrical panorama takes visitors on a journey through mountainous rainforests and river valleys, clearings and stretches of water, giant trees and an open canyon.

In the midst of this lush, dense greenery, observers can eventually spot different exotic native creatures, such as harpy eagles in the sky, sloths in the trees, colonies of giant carpenter ants, or a swarm of butterflies lifting off from the ground. Thanks to a day and night simulation and the atmospheric sounds effects, the hyperrealistic piece fully immerses guests in the cycle of life in the rainforest ecosystem.


Adult from 25 years11.50 Euros
Adult 17-24 years10.00 Euros
Child 6-16 years6.00 Euros
Child 3-5 years1.00 Euros
Children under 3 yearsfree
Adult from 25 years7.50 Euros
Adult 17-24 years6.50 Euros
Child 6-16 years4.50 Euros
Child 3-5 yearsfree
Children under 3 yearsfree
Adult from 25 years9.00 Euros
Adult 17-24 years8.00 Euros
Child 6-16 years5.00 Euros
Child 3-5 years1.00 Euros
Children under 3 yearsfree

Group rates are available for groups of 20 or more paying persons. Please contact the cashier upon arrival. Registration in advance is not required! For each 10 paying children, one accompanying adult is free, and bus drivers have free entry. Children under the age of 3 are not included in the group.



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